Correct surface preparation is essential for good product performance and all surfaces should be prepared as per the standard GREENCOAT Preparation Specifications.

Do not apply when ambient temperatures are below 4°C  and above 40°C.

  1. Step 1 –Wash your roof thoroughly with Greencoat Greenwash Cleaner
  2. Step 2 – If you have a Tile/Concrete roof you will then apply our Greencoat Bind Primer. If you have a Corrugated/Galvanised roof you will then apply our Greencoat Metaltreat Primer. You can soak your membrane in the Roofrubber if you have a need to apply membrane where there is open areas.
  3. Step 3 – Apply 2 coats of the Roof Rubber.

Greencoat Roofrubber is available in our standard colours:  Charcoal, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Modern Red, Modern Brown, Black, Green and White.