THE ZERO VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (V.O.C.) ENVIRONMENTAL MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY (E.M.T.) range of products is a water-bond range of extremely pliable waterproofing and protective coatings of high density.

  • A rather revolutionary technology combining ancient and modern alchemy resulted in the world’s first technology to deliver highly durable maintenance products free from volatile organic compounds, the dangerous and harmful compounds that are emitted by the uses of paints, waterproofing materials and other maintenance products.  These V.O.C. components hold a serious threat to the environment and inhabitants of the world.
  • GREENCOAT ZERO V.O.C.  E.M.T. was developed over a period of more than 30 years. This most revolutionary research resulted in maintaining products for the lasting protection of literally any surface, especially at a time of environmental concern. It’s most revolutionary characteristics, the ability to meet industrial performance demands, whilst posing no threat to the environment.
  • This product is exclusively made from the world’s finest materials, offer affordable premium quality multi-purpose maintenance coatings, which are application and environmentally safe and user friendly. 
  • The products are designed to provide a highly durable, elastic, and attractive protective coating on practically any surface.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the products can be applied with brush, roller, or spray.
  • GREENCOAT ZERO V.O.C.  E.M.T. Range of products is non-flammable, totally waterproof, resistant to oil, petrol, wax crayons, ball point markings, ultra violet rays, extreme temperatures of both plus and minus, acids and fungus growth.
  • The products can be applied to old and new galvanised roofs, plaster, brick, stone, cement, asbestos, concrete, fibre, class, water tanks, aluminium, polystyrene, vinyl, cloth, paper, canvas, cardboard, vehicles or virtually any surfaces what you wish to paint.
  • Toxicological Information:
  • Skin contact: No known effects

Eye contact: Splashes can cause eye irritation.

Chromic toxicity:No known effects

Carcinogenicity: No known effects 

Mutagenicity: No known effects 

Neurotoxicity: No known effects 

Reproductive hazards:No known effects