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GREENCOAT is a Proudly South African company that is determined to paint the world with a conscience.

Our dream to protect the earth and leave the kind of legacy that our children will be proud of is about to pass! It is with great pride to announce that we are launching a new range of eco-friendly products, one that will make a lasting and meaningful difference to the society around us.

Sustainable procurement requires sourcing products that are not only environmentally and socially sound, but are also of high quality and durability. Our GREENCOAT product range offers alternatives to damaging decorative products, without compromising on any aspect of quality or design. 

The global emphasis on environmental standards has resulted in a significant shift in public sector purchasing practices. By procuring from GREENCOAT, you are assured to receive the highest standard of service and support from consultation to application of our eco-friendly products. With an extensive range that is consistent in quality, GREENCOAT saves you time as ‘one source’ for all the products you need. GREENCOAT is also an economically advantageous choice with key characteristics of being long-lasting and cost competitive. 

Whether you are building or renovating, our products will renew, maintain and protect the substrate that they are applied to. The Eco brand was first introduced in 2001, and has allowed the residential market to enjoy the full benefits that the GREENCOAT range is renowned for.

Our Greencoat Product Range are suitable for Waterproofing, Roofing Solutions, Decorative, Steel, Mining, Low Cost Housing, Floors, Sealers, Cleaners/Degreases, Wood and we also recently launched Greencoat Viral Disinfectant Spray.

All GREENCOAT products are manufactured in South Africa

Too Good To Be True?

Quite the opposite! As we lead a market that strives to improve quality of life, we use only exceptionally high-quality and durable products. We have proven that offering an alternative to damaging decorative products does not mean compromising on any aspect of quality or design. The GREENCOAT range has been rigorously tested and meets all local and international standards (SABS, CSIR and ISO Approved). Our premium products are not exclusive to the industrial sector; we also cater for the environment of schools, hospitals, homes, offices, and farming where the health of occupants is paramount. GREENCOAT will be more than just a supplier, but an indispensable partner that is united in a greater, greener cause.


Why Choose Us ?

We lead the eco friendly paints market with over 30 years of helping save the planet behind us Our green products have been through rigourous testing and evaluation Although these eco products surpass our competitors in quality, our prices are still very competitive and are often cheaper Selfcoat have continued to build their team over the years, offering high levels of expertise in many area's, and ensuring the companies contiued growth and reliability to our eco aware clients

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