Low sheen/ silk finish available in a white, pastel, deep and clear base. Eco Silk Wall is a top quality 100% pure acrylic coating. The coating is zero to low VOC, environmentally friendly and does not emit noxious fumes and odours during and after application.



Principal characteristics:

  • Excellent adhesion property to most substrates that have been primed with GREENCOAT Bind.
  • Quick drying – multiple coats can be applied on the same day.
  • Provides excellent UV stability and is available in a variety of colours.
  • Withstands scrubbing.
  • Displays excellent water proofing qualities when cured.
  • Ready for application and does not require thinning.  It is not advised to thin the product at all.
  • Material is water based and non-toxic.
  • No noxious fumes or odours emitted during painting and no need for solvents.  Cleaning is conducted with water.
  • Not recommended for use on substrates permanently submerged in water.

Intended use:

The product is an ideal coating for plastered walls, ceilings, and Nutec fibre cement fascia boards and other areas where a satin sheen finish is required.  GREENCOAT Eco Silk Wall is an acrylic emulsion paint for application to most substrates for decorative and corrosion protection purposes in moderate environments.


Clean all tools (brushes and rollers) while wet with water after use.

Additional information


5L, 20L

Available Colours

Clear Base, Deep, Pastel, White