GREENCOAT Thatchguard is a water-based, acrylic membrane that is formulated to provide superb sealing and fire-retardant qualities for thatch roofs. The product is environmentally friendly. This product also enhances dust suppression. It will also protect your thatch roofs against birds and animals pulling the grass out as well as keeping insects out. Satin finish available in clear and golden yellow.

Principal characteristics

  • Fire retardant properties
  • Ultra Violet resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • The product has good adhesion properties and does not turn yellowish over time.
  • The product is non – toxic and odour free.

Intended use

The product is used to delay the thatch rotting process thus lengthening the roof’s life span. GREENCOAT Thatchguard keeps the thatch sturdy and prevents birds from pulling the thatch out. When the product is sprayed on the inside of a thatch roof the product prevents dust rains inside the house. GREENCOAT Thatchguard will waterproof and reduce the weight of the roof. The product also eliminates the frequent brushing and re – thatching of thatch roofs.

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