Thermalproof is a water-based pure acrylic heat reflective coating. It has advanced hollow ceramic beads technology with reflective properties of up to 45%. It will cool your home in summer, insulate your roof in winter and also waterproof your roof. The product is environmentally-friendly and does not emit noxious fumes and odours during and after application. Low sheen/silk fine texture finish available in standard colours. The standard colours available are Light Grey and White.

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Principal characteristics:

  • Due to the unique formulation, the paint acts as a one-way membrane, allowing moisture to escape to the surface and has excellent heat reflective properties.
  • Has excellent adhesion to practically any surface.
  • Colour fastness, fungi retarded and heat resistant. (UV protection by natural pigmentation).
  • The product will not harden or deteriorate with age.
  • The product can withstand aggressive scrubbing and has a low flame index.
  • Non-toxic and colourless on application no H.A.P.
  • Thermal proof is a cost-effective addition to under – roof insulation system.

Intended use:

GREENCOAT Thermalproof has seal and adhering properties and can be applied to concrete, metal, wood etc. The ideal area for application is metal / tile roofs


Clean all tools (brushes and rollers) while wet with water after use.

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