GREENCOAT Ecowash is a light to medium duty water based all-purpose degreaser and cleaner for very effective cleaning of engines and other automotive parts that have a heavy residue of oil grease and dirt. It can be used on various surfaces, from the kitchen to the garage floor. This product is a blend of fully biodegradable surfactants, metal silicates and sequestrants. It is non-caustic phosphate free, non-acidic and glycol free. Ecowash is highly effective in degreasing and removing soil from metal, plastic, cement surfaces in marine and heavy industrial environments. It has been specially developed to be non-harmful to all parts of the vehicle provided it is diluted to a suitable strength. Ecowash is eco-friendly and non-hazardous.

Size: *
  • 5L
  • 20L

Product Description

Intended use:

  •  Effectively cleans the exterior of engines and transmissions systems.
  • Excellent cleaner for battery terminals, and exhaust pipe dirt at suitable dilutions.
  • Used for vehicle body parts, wheel rims that have heavy road grime.
  • Removes oil, grime and dirt on cement and concrete in conjunction with Ecowash powder.
  • Cleans industry machinery, machine parts, garage, floor, etc.
  • Widely used in general cleaning of rigs and drill floor.

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