How to Waterproof your roof with Roofrubber.

Correct surface preparation is essential for good product performance and all surfaces should be prepared as per the standard GREENCOAT Preparation Specifications.

Do not apply when ambient temperatures are below 4°C  and above 40°C.

  1. Step 1 –Wash your roof thoroughly with Greencoat Greenwash Cleaner
  2. Step 2 – If you have a Tile/Concrete roof you will then apply our Greencoat Bind Primer. If you have a Corrugated/Galvanised roof you will then apply our Greencoat Metaltreat Primer. You can soak your membrane in the Roofrubber if you have a need to apply membrane where there is open areas.
  3. Step 3 – Apply 2 coats of the Roof Rubber.

Greencoat Roofrubber is available in our standard colours:  Charcoal, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Modern Red, Modern Brown, Black, Green and White.

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