Food safe Information

FDA status  information of Greencoat water based coatings complies with Food and Drug Administration Regulation 21 CFR 177 subject to the limitations and requirements therein. 

This Regulation describes polymers that may be used in contact with food, subject to the finished food contact article meeting the extractive limitations under the intended conditions of use, as shown in paragraph (d) of the Regulation.

The information and certification provided herein are based on data we believe to be reliable, to the best of our knowledge. 

The information and certification apply only to the specific material designated herein as sold by Greencoat and do not apply to use in any process or in combination with any other material. 

They are provided at the request  of and without charge to our customers. 

Accordingly, Greencoat cannot guarantee or warrant such certifications or information and assumes no liability for their use. 

 Additional information: The products themselves have not been tested, but their classifications calculated according to conventional methods (from the dangerous substances regulations) 

The products have been used in the painting of aquariums housing topical fish as well as ponds housing Koi fish with no effects at all.  

The product has no noxious fumes or odour emission during and after application 


Ecological Information:

Aquatic toxicity:                                No known effects 

Biodegradability:                              Products are considered highly biodegradable, but not tested. 

Bio-accumulation:                            No known effects

Mobility:                                              Not tested

Additional information:                 The product is environmentally friendly with a Zero to very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) , determined by the choice of colour introduced.